3D Mario Levels Recreated In Mario Kart Wii

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Just to clear this up, the Bowser's Dark Matter Plant, Rolling Gizmo Galaxy, Luncheon Kingdom, and Cascade Kingdom tracks are just based off of the stages, they aren't direct remakes.

All tracks showed in this video:

SM64 Whomp's Fortress by Reedy94

SM64 Cool, Cool Mountain Slide by YellowYoshi

SMS by ChisSilver64, ANoob

SMS Blooper Surfing Safari by Atlas

SMG Sea Slide Galaxy by Torran, SwordofSeals

Loopdeeloop Galaxy by JadenMKW

Rolling Gizmo Raceway by DryBowser

Dark Matter Fortress by Justin

Cascade Kingdom by SpyKid, ZPL

Luncheon Tour by Luke Chandler

SMO RC Car Circuit by Atlas

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