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Homemade 3d outliners

Homemade Glass paints

Homemade Gesso

For India
These are the links for products I use (For India)
Fevicryl Pearl Colors (For India)

Fevicryl Metallic colors(For India)

Fevicryl Acrylic colors(For India)

Fevicol Glue(For India)

Clay Modelling Tools(Plastic) (For India)

Clay Modelling Tools(Metal with wooden handle) (For India)

Modelling Clay(For India)

Fevicryl Mould-it/Shilpkaar

Craft Knife/Precision Knife(For India)

Paint Brushes(For India)

Glue Gun(For India)

Plaster of paris(For India)

Corn starch(For India)

Chalk pestals(For India)

For US
Modelling Clay(For USA)

Metallic Paints(For USA)

Pearl Paints(For USA)

Check recipe for Homemade Glue here:

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