Bible Code in the Days of Noah - Part Four Biblical Number Series

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Question: Jesus speaks of the last days as being like the days of Noah – are we there yet? Is there a way to recognize them - know for sure? Is there a code in the bible that might help discern the times? If so, where? Find out today on the Christian Marauder!

This will be controversial and involves something I discovered by accident 2014-2015. I have been sitting on it for five years. Bible numbers do have established meanings based on biblical themes and well established meanings - this is the long await part four of the Bible Number series.

(Please note: The into is minutes long, followed by a brief 8 minute history on what I discovered and then we launch into the exploring what the this code reveals found in Genesis chapter 6. Again, this is only a small part of what I discovered - presented to here for the first time.)

What will they look like?

All Bible Quotes from the NASB

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