BLM Riots Over Death Of Knife Wielding Maniac | The Matt Walsh Show Ep. 563

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, riots have made their way to Amish country now. This time BLM and Antifa are tearing the city of Lancaster apart because a knife wielding maniac got shot while trying to stab a police officer to death. This, somehow, is racism we’re told. Also, two police officers in LA fall victim to an attempted assassination. How much responsibility do Joe Biden and the Democrats bear for this? And in our Daily Cancellation, I will be cancelling the “black national anthem” which was played before every NFL game this weekend.

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00:00 - Opening
02:35 - BLM Riots Over Death Of Knife Wielding Maniac
15:32 - The NFL's "woke" pageantry
18:15 - Slate Op-Ed Explores The ‘Creepy Conservative Obsession With Netflix’s Cuties’
22:56 - Donald Trump willing to debate Joe Biden, moderated by Joe Rogan
23:59 - Witness reaction to police shooting in Compton
27:17 - What did Joe Biden say?
29:33 - Black national anthem is cancelled

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