Cyberpunk 2077 - Space Oddity (Easy Method To Beat At Low Level!! Money/Painting Exploit)

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- Shout out to Youtubers: Krendils Shieldheart & Arne G (for the tips)
- Make sure to save before entering the building
- You can probably ignore the camera
- The code is 2054 for the laptop
- Go to the bottom turrent option, the other turrent has a bad angle
- You know you're hitting them when you hear a "thwump" sound effect. Shoot the six guys and leave the guy in the middle alone (way too hard to hit him)
- If the dude's cars got destroyed in the firefight, check the nearby roads for a car
- You can go to any ripperdoc for the sale exploit
- Switching tabs while in the sale screen resets the purchase price of the painting. Keep doing this to sell/buy the painting to increase your money by 4K each time until the doc runs out of money. Head out of the office and make sure you have the painting BEFORE skipping 24 hours otherwise you'll lose the painting. Make sure to make multiple saves before/during/after this exploit to make sure you don't accidentally leave the painting when you skip time.
- Be aware that this will probably be patched (works currently on )
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