Elon Musk Says Space Travel Will Be Less Than 1 Million In The Future

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Elon Musk aims to cut 99% off the price of space travel and says commercial space travel will be less than $1,000,000 in the future.

"With SpaceX's Starship as the spacecraft of choice, Elon Musk plans to be the world's commercial space transport service in the future, taking people with less than $1 million in costs to a city on Mars. The SpaceX CEO claims the Spaceship is the best-suited vessel to fly with human travelers to the Red Planet for many months," reports Tiziana Celine in today's The Science Times.

According to a report from SpaceX will soon introduce humans to space especially to Mars: the planet right next to Earth. And Elon wants to do this in a rather affordable way, cutting the price from $152 million to $2 million to see the stars. He's practically giving it away, concludes

"Speaking at the Air Force Space Pitch Day this week, Musk said he believes SpaceX's reusable 100-passenger Starship will only cost $2 million per flight to operate in space. He said, according to , that the costs include $900,000 in propellant to get into the Earth's orbit and an additional $ million in operational costs," reported last year on November 7th.

Now, Musk, took his space travel plan to be the first resident and leader of Mars to Twitter. The SpaceX CEO replied in a thread to Everyday Astronaut (@Erdayastronaut), who compiled all Soviet rocket engines, agreeing to the ship part and expressing the same fascination.

Musk said, "The most amazing thing about rocket engines is that they *sometimes* don’t blow up! The amount of power going through them boggles the mind."

But the discussion went on in which Elon Musk reveals the petrol alone will already be $500 thousand, and the rest will be for the marginal cost of delivery.

Musk also said he thinks life in the future will be multiplanetary and SpaceX will be the hub of the potential probability. According to Elon Musk, there would be a huge challenge awaiting the venture, however, and that would be the mass to orbit each year.


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