EXTREME CLOSET CLEANOUT | bc there is literally *no space* in my apartment ????

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Girls and boys we doing the big closet cleanup today! I don’t know why it always surprises me to see the amount of clothing that I have, but here we go again! Make sure to grab a drink and a snack. I’ll be sharing with you some of my favorite pieces as well as some pieces that I’ve even forgot were in my closet! I’ve set everything up into categories and will be tackling them that way to make it easier for myself and to give you guys a guideline if you choose to do a closet cleanout yourself! The irony in doing this is that, yes now I have more room in my closet but now I have a crap ton of clothes and shoes without a home in my living room taking up space, haha /cries. SO! I’ll be selling my clothes at a later date, maybe this weekend on IG live so stay tuned!

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