Full Moon in Gemini - “Facing Your Twin” SECRET CODE NAMES

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~ 15-20min Energy Insight Reading Recorded Video - Answers: What is the Universe focusing on in your healing right now? What does the process or events of this healing look like as it unfolds? What guidance do you need to best help you through it in the most effective and efficient way possible? $50
~ 30min Up to 3 Questions Recorded Video - you can ask me up to 3 questions, any questions you'd like answers to, regarding you or your life. Does not include Birth Chart questions. $77
~ 1 hour Unlimited Questions Recorded Video - you can ask me any number of questions that you'd like answers to, about you or your life, and I will answer them within the time frame. NOTE: the more questions you ask, the less time I will have to spend on each of them. Does not include Birth Chart questions. $111
~ Astrological Birth Chart Analysis Recorded Video - Better understand yourself and your patterns. This addresses your challenges, your strengths, your woundings, and how to heal them, as well as other golden nuggets of information! Please allow up to 1 month for delivery of this service. $444
FOR EMERGENCY SERVICES YOU WISH TO RECEIVE WITHIN 24 HOURS, PLEASE DOUBLE THE COST OF THE SERVICE YOU ARE REQUESTING; Astrological Birth Chart Analysis Recorded Videos will require a minimum of 3 days as an Emergency Service!
**I DO NOT offer refunds for any of my services, for any reason whatsoever, unless I personally deem it appropriate to do so and I offer it myself.**
**I deliver private services in the order I receive them, prioritizing Emergency Readings, and though I always aim to be prompt in my delivery of services (I do my best to get them delivered to you within 3-4 days), I am forever running on Divine Timing and appreciate your understanding of this. I DO NOT OFFER EMERGENCY READINGS ON FULL MOONS, NEW MOONS, OR THE DAY BEFORE OR AFTER ONE BECAUSE I DO LIVE MOON EVENTS AND TAKE CARE OF MY ENERGY.**

PAYMENT METHODS INCLUDE: Cash app and Venmo only! I do not do PayPal or email transfers. Making a donation to my GoFundMe equal to the service amount is also acceptable (Thank You for supporting my dream!). If you request a private service, I will send you the rest of the details via email! Always confirm with me that your payment was received because I do not schedule anything until payments clear for obvious reasons. I look forward to working with you!

TO DONATE: Firstly, to know I helped you in such a profound way that you'd be prompted to look here and see how you could donate to me and support my life away from this platform, means more to me than you know. I don't talk about my donations link in my videos because my videos are about the message, not the money. So for you, who sought this out, I am truly grateful in a way money can't buy. Thank you for letting me know, in the form of your donation, that I what I did for you was worth it. You can click ~ THANK YOU!

Love Always,

"If everyone just focused on healing themselves, the whole world would be healed" - Grace "Racey" Aurora

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*DISCLAIMER, BY LAW: ALL readings are for entertainment purposes only! This channel, Divine Rebel, Divine Rebel Readings, and/or myself are not responsible for your actions or choices in any way. No advice should ever replace that of a medical professional. Your choices and actions are always your own. You are fully responsible for yourself and all others under your care. If you are having suicidal thoughts, and have no one to talk to, do not suffer alone or take your life. Please call 1-800-273-8255 (it's a national prevention hotline) or go to the nearest police station and/or hospital and let them know you need help.*
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