Great Spirits Manga, Fanartwork, art, Earth Day 2021MV

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Great Spirits Music video Sung by Phil Collins is a video I have created from my very own Heart and Soul that has Various Manga volumes from DEmon Slayer vol. 1, and 2, Jujutsu Kaisen and 5, Animal Land vol1, and 2, Tales of Zesteria, , +Anima vol,5 and 6, Magic Knights Rayeath ,2 and 3, Pokemon Adventures vol1, vol 1, Yuyuhakusho vol 1 and 3, Ginga Legend Weed(Silver Fang Legend) vol. 1 and 3, CAT Paradise,vol 5, MHA, vol 6 of just a few colored manga that I physically colored in. This is a Fan-Made video for all the artwork of the manga and art are the Artists and their respective Copyright owners that own them. This video also has pictures of my Childhood Vacation pictures from Alaska, Porto Rico, and Montana and some drawn Anime Fan artwork and art of unique things that have happened in my young life but the good and the bad. The Credits have a Fan Artwork that I drew to memorialize and Certain Artist as well as credits to everyone who owns these Manga and series and my story of what happened to me growing up and well as a Warning of what is to come. There are things in this world that definitely can't be Enjoy!
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