Haunted 3D part 2 Movie officer trailer, Mithun Chakraborty, Mahaakshay Chakraborty, Releasing date.

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Haunted 3D part 2 Movie officer trailer, Mithun Chakraborty, Mahaakshay Chakraborty, Releasing date


Title - Mahakshay Chakraborty Haunted 3D Part 2 Official Trailer. .

Friends, the actor, who appeared in films like "Judicial Hai Kya" and "Loot", has played memorable roles in each of his films .. and one of them is the film "Haunted 3D" ..! " As an actor, the film was very exciting .. And with its unique look, the film proved to be a super duper hit, due to which the film made a wonderful collection at the box office .... According to the news, seeing this feature of the film The film director is going to be seen on the big screen soon with the film "Haunted 3D Part 2" ... So that's why in this video of ours today we are going to tell you about the film "Haunted 3D Part 2" Will there be a star cast in it? .. What will be the story ..? And when will the film come ...? So if you also want to know all these things related to the film "Haunted 3D Part 2", then end this video with us Stay tuned and also do not forget to like our video for this super hit film of Bollywood industry!

The film "Haunted 3D", which aired on the big screen in 2011, was a scary suspense film ... made under the direction of "Vikram Bhatt", the film was based on the lifeline of "Rihan" Bane Mahasaya Chakraborty " At the behest of the father, Shimla leaves to visit Koti, and prepares to sell Glenn Megger there ... but in the meantime Rihan is told by the people about the phantom spirits in the Glan Megger .. But Rehan does not believe these things at all, but suddenly Rihan is heard with many strange sounds in Glen Megger .. and after some time Rihan learns that 80 years old two phantom souls reside in Glen Megger. Is, and to know the truth of this whole story, Rihan tries to go on the time of May 17, 1936 ... That was the story of the film ... in which the actor "Mahashayy Chakraborty" played the role of "Rihan" very beautifully There was a lot of praise by the audience playing the many actors like "Twinkle Bajpai", "Arif Zakaria" and "Anchit Kaur" in the film have their own audience He was entertained a lot ... due to which the film earned a tremendous amount at the box office ...!
According to reports, given the same feature of the film, the film director "Vikram Bhatt" is going to make the sequel of this film once again, yes we are going to see the film "Haunted 3D Part 2" soon. That the work on the story of the film has started, and the film is going to be a lot more scary and mysterious than before, in which we will get to see many suspense filled scenes, as well as a lot of extra editing in the film, If we talk about the star cast of the film, then it is being told that earlier in this film, the actor "Mahashayy Chakraborty" will be seen in the main lead, whose character is going to be much more exciting than before, in the film, his support Actress "Twinkle Bajpai"! Who also made a lot of headlines in the first part of the film, playing the character of "Meera" ... but none of these actors have yet agreed to work in the film, which seems that all of us are now Will have to wait a long time for this film, but ever since the audience came to know about this film, there has been a lot of craze among the audience about this film…!

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