How I made my Space Marine helmet / pattern.

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Back in 2016 I went to Blizz Con for the first time. I want to have something to wear, so I built my Space Marine costume. I had such a wonderful time meeting fellow makers and seeing their amazing costumes.
The question I was asked the most was how did I make my foam helmet with the chrome visor.

Not only am I going to show you how, the pattern are available in my shop so you can build you own Space Marine helmet.

Here is my complete supply list.

Space Marine Pattern

TNT Cosplay Supplys

Heat Gun

Contact Cement

Glue Pot.


Chrome face shield

Frog tape

Fine tip sharpie


Sanding sticks

8mm half round trim

Rotary Tool

Grinding Stones

Wood burner

Metal Ruler

Assorted brass tubbing

Circle template

Hot glue gun

Creature Cast Rubber

Spray gun

Rust-O-leum 2X off white

Rust-O-leum 2X dark grey

Rust-O-leum 2X Red

Black acrylic paint

Chip brushes

99% Alcohol

Small bottle

Plastic Wrap

Paint brushes

Tamyia metal grey

Cyber Tech mold


Zap-a-gap glue

Tamyia flat black

Tamyia chrome sliver

Matt varnish spray

Goop glue

Perforated alumni sheet

If your new to cosplay, you should Join the Foam Fanatics.
A great friendly group of fellow makers that are there to help.
Be sure to answer the two questions before joining.

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