How To Setup A Discord Server To Grow On Twitch - Free Template Server!

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Creating a discord server for your stream is absolutely crucial, it is one of the best ways to grow your average viewers on Twitch by converting new viewers into community members and giving them a place to hang out, but creating a server can be time-consuming and daunting right?

Not at all, because I have built it for you, and today all you have to do is click 1 link to have your entire server set up.

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How To Setup Roles And Set Roles For Your Discord Server:

If you need to edit or Add Roles, click Server Settings, Roles, and you’ll see we have a few roles set up. Admin is the role for the person who will run the discord, Moderators have a lot of power so these are your VERY trusted mods, Community Mods have a little less power but can still help a lot.

Finally Verified is for all members, and the role you will give to the people who join and meet whatever requirements you want for them to be verified.

So if you set it so that if someone posts their Twitch name in Introductions, then a mod can click on their name, click the + next to their name, and click Verified to add them to the discord, otherwise they won’t see anything other than the Welcome Channels.

If you want to add more roles, you can just click the + add a new role, including editing all the settings but I would recommend being very careful here not to give someone too much power by accident.

0:00 - Video Start
0:28 - Introduction
1:10 - How To Setup The Free Discord Template Server
2:03 - How To Setup Discord Server Invites
3:07 - How To Setup Discord Roles And Verification
3:45 - How To Manually Verify New Discord Members
4:05 - How To Add Roles To Your Discord Server
4:35 - FREE Animated Overlays For Your Stream
4:55 - How To Create Channels and Categories In Your Discord
5:10 - How To Edit Channel And Category Permissions
6:09 - How To Add Emojis To Your Discord Channel Names
6:25 - How To Setup Twitch Subscriber Roles
6:45 - Final Tips!

How To Create Channels and Set Permissions In A Discord Server:

Creating new channels, today I am going to show you how to add a Custom channel, we’re going to be creating a Pet Photos channel, a staple of every discord.

What you’ll need to do is go to the category you want to add it to, for example, if I want to add it to the general category, I click this little plus and I name the channel, Pet Photos.

If you’re creating the channel inside our discord template and do this, then the permissions should auto-sync to the category, but if you aren’t you’ll right-click the new channel you made, permissions, and add new roles to the permissions. You’ll want to add your admins, mods, etc, and of course the verified ones.

The style of this video is similar to Alpha Gaming and Ashnichrist in parts. A large influence on this series has come from content creators like Wild4games and Nutty.

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