Inside The Richest Zip Code In The US

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There’s a place unlike any other off the southern tip of Florida. Down past Miami, and only accessible by a seven minute ferry ride, or by your own private yacht. It’s known for its beautiful crystal clear beaches, it’s incredible multi million dollar apartments, and for housing one of the finest golf courses in the entire world. In fact, ranked it as the number 10 best course on earth. Now that’s some high praise. Oh, and one more thing we should mention, if you plan on moving here, better make sure you can be cool around celebrities, because some of the most famous and powerful people the world, not to mention famous, have lived here. Celebs like Oprah Winfrey and Mel Brooks, just to name a few. So just what is this millionaires metropolis? It is none other than Fisher Island, and it holds the record for being the most expensive zip code in the entire United States. It is a land of luxury, a boundless bounty of billionaires, and a true triumph for tennis players and golf goers. It’s one of a kind, and it’s hyper exclusive. But today, we are taking you inside, so you can see the apartments, the houses, the beaches, the hotels, and the marinas, that the rich get to use on a daily basis. Make sure you have your sunscreen and sunglasses on, and also dust off those swim trunks and bikinis, because today we explore Fishers Island, where the wealthy stay, and the rich get to play.

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