Last Minute Christmas Gifts to 3D Print!

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Are you stuck at home this Christmas with a 3D Printer? Use it to make some awesome gifts! This video contains some of my favorite models designed by makers all around the world.

3D Printable Models:

Blink Fox Dice Tower -

Animal Keychain / Smartphone Stand -

Universal Phone Stand - :1464340

Labyrinth Gift Box - :201097

Russian Doll Maze Puzzle Box - :2607374

Tippi Tree -

Puzzle Cube -

Sphericons -

Oloids and Wobblers -

Wild Rose Builds' Oloid Wobbler - :2565277

Nautilus Gears - :27233

Sprocket Box -

Whistling Spinning Tops -

0:00 Intro
1:07 Practical Prints
3:08 Puzzles and Games
5:15 Mechanisms, Toys and Curiosities

What's that shiny filament you always use?!

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