Manifest Outside of Time & Space: Understanding "Divine Timing"

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Let's get ~*~* weird *~*~*

Many of us don’t understand exactly how the Law of Attraction transcends time and space, so in this video, I wanted to explain how it IS possible for you to manifest everything from the here and now because everything you manifest is happening ALL AT ONCE. Sounds complicated, right? It’s really not, I promise! Manifestation is meant to be FUN, so let’s keep it light and playful while also getting into the esoteric side of this universal law.

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[1:00] Manifesting Deadlines
[1:44] Law of Attraction Overview
[2:46] How Divine Timing Works
[6:21] Manifesting from the Now
[6:59] Speeding Up Manifestation Process
[10:36] How to Connect with the Divine

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