Oxventure in Space! The Oxventurers Guild Plays RPG Lasers & Feelings at Metaverse

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Join Corazón, Prudence, Egbert and Merilwen from the Oxventure as they once again find themselves ripped from the realm of Dungeons & Dragons, transmogrified and teleported into the sci-fi setting of RPG Lasers & Feelings for another spacey adventure.

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Join the cast from YouTube channels Outside Xbox and Outside Xtra, plus all-powerful game master Johnny Chiodini, for the YouTube premiere of a chaotic science-fiction spin-off session aboard a starship, somehow.

In their usual Oxventures, Jane Douglas is Prudence, a tiefling warlock and Cthulhu stan; Ellen Rose is Merilwen, a wood elf druid with an affinity for animals, Mike Channell's Egbert is a dragonborn paladin with penchant for explosives and Andy Farrant is dread pirate Corazón de Ballena, a human rogue who has always been a fearsome pirate, why wouldn’t he have been, there's no secret backstory, stop asking.

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