Replace broken items around the house with 3D printing

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Got something broken around the house? Why don’t you measure, model and 3D print a free replacement part. In this video, we replace a snapped IKEA wardrobe clip, 3D printing a perfect replacement with no cost or hassle.

I’m using Onshape as my CAD software:
I have an Onshape playlist suitable for beginners:
Fusion 360 is the most popular CAD software and there are tons of tutorials online:
My CAD file if you’re interested:

Some general CAD principles I follow:
Plan the creation of your object before starting: this part extruded, this part lofted, etc
Use detailed sketches to generate multiple 3D operations
Use lines, arcs and circles to draw the shape, before adding detail and accuracy with constraints and dimensions
Focus on accurate measurements for the regions of the model where fit is vital
Print a cut down version of your geometry early on to test the measurements are correct
When you think you are done modelling, pick up the real life object, look at it from every angle and simulate its function to make sure you haven’t missed any important details

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