Roblox Space Combat Tycoon With Odd Foxx

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Darzeth and Odd Foxx play Roblox Space combat tycoon and try to get a max roblox tycoon!

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ODD Foxx

Game Description
Space Combat Tycoon [Update!]
By food808

Just released a huge update! For more details check the change log at the bottom of the description

Hey all, I just wanted to let you guys know that this game is inspired by many other tycoons. This includes Military Warfare Tycoon, Super Hero Tycoon, and many others. I know there are a lot of similarities between the games but I tried to make it my own. Thank you for your time and understanding.

Welcome to Space Combat Tycoon!

Build your base from the ground up. Collect over 30 guns. Make allies and enemies. Fly to mars!

Join the Space Warfare Tycoon Group and be able to see codes posted on the wall!

~ Update Log ~
+ Added in a new planet called Venus
+ Autosaving + Rebirths
+ Buffed Invasion rewards
+ Added in ranks depending on what badge you have
+ Added a new Armor on floor 4
~ Updated the GUI and added gun toggles

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