Russian Military Satellite and Chinese Rocket Will Collide in Space | Kessler Syndrome

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A dead Soviet satellite and a Chinese rocket are speeding toward each other. They have a 10% chance of colliding Thursday night. A 10% chance may seem low but NASA routinely moves the International Space Station when there is only chance of colliding with an object.

The odds of a crash will likely change as both objects approach each other. It’s impossible to intervene to prevent a collision because both objects are dead and can’t be maneuvered. Satellite collisions can produce high-speed and dangerous space debris. Such collisions can threaten other spacecraft in Earth’s orbit

Both satellite and rocket are 991 kilometers (616 miles) above the ground. So, a collision would probably not pose a danger to anybody on Earth. Both objects will collide above Antarctica’s Weddell Sea. This collision will create tens of thousands of new pieces of debris. It will cause a headache for any satellite that’s going out into upper low-Earth orbit. Companies like SpaceX and OneWeb are launching fleets of internet satellites. That’s why close approaches like this are becoming more common in recent years.

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