Safety Protocol | Space Station Mystery | Indie Horror Game

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PC Gameplay Walkthrough. 2 Endings. With the crew apparently missing, an engineer tries to find out what happened on the VASA Space Station.

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It's your first day onboard the VASA Space Station. But the ship has broken down and the crew is missing. Repair the station to bring its systems back online while uncovering the cause of the incident.

SAFETY PROTOCOL is a narrative driven, environmental puzzle game that lets you explore an eerie space station while chatting with the stations AI.

Reactivate the hidden fuse boxes to increase your power supply. Distribute the power to the different areas inside the station to unlock new paths letting you delve deeper into the story.

SAFETY PROTOCOL is a student project made in 7 weeks at Futuregames Higher Vocational Educations in Stockholm, Sweden. The team included Sebastian Lund, Edward Sedelius, Lena Sonnbrink, Fredrik Bohlin, Jonathan Stanford, Josefin de la Motte, Elliot Rosing, Gwangyeong Yun, Erika Henell and Axel Nilsson.

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