The day Android threw away all their code

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The year is 2007. Imagine that you aim to disrupt the mobile phone market. You are sure that your idea is the way to go, and your team spends endless hours developing the star product. As you are on a business trip, you hear the news, and reality sets in: someone has beaten you to it, and their idea is much, much better. That someone is Apple, and you are Google. Your choices are limited, so you decide to go back to the drawing board.

Google had to reinvent its proposal for a smartphone. But this ended up being a good thing.

In this episode of Forensics, we'll tell you all about how the first Android phone rose from the ashes of a failed project.

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0:00 - Intro
1:00 - Android: How it was born
2:46 - Android: The first attempt
5:27 - Android: The dream
7:24 - Android: A worthy rival


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