The Grease Saga -3DMM Film Festival Spooktacular Submission

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This was a submission for THE 3D MOVIE MAKER FILM FESTIVAL SPOOKTACULAR! by DingDongVG.

You can find him here:

Starts off as an adaption of the time/2 Day event where a kid in school ate week-old chicken grease (complicated and stupid story) but then spooky shenanigans ensue. As opposed to a normal Nedry's Crusaders video which usually features just me(Oliver), Leo, and Max, I got a couple of friends to do voices.

Dennis Nedry- Al 
Leonidas- Maurice
Unknown Organism- The Obese Grease
Dwayne "The Croc" Johnson- Young Dan Schnieder
ArbiddurJohndice- The Magic Cat
hannaH- Unnamed Girl
CJ the DJ- Mrs. B
Carrots-Innocent Bystander
Fable- Didn't do any voices but helped write the script

God I hope this isn't anyone's first impression of the channel

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