The Space Race To Mars Has Begun!

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They call it the World of Robots. The planet inhabited only by thirty or more mechanical objects that run around or that went around through its sands, and that orbit or orbited above its very thin Some destroyed before they even began, others that walked and dug for years before running out of luck, energy and time.
We're talking about Mars, of the great lure of our conquest cravings, the scientific dream of generations of astronomers.
And the race to Mars has become so tumultuous in recent times that it can now be defined as a real
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The many private companies that have entered the sector of telecommunications satellites, launch systems or orbital infrastructures, are a tangible sign of the changes taking place. If billionaires such as Musk, Bezos or Branson are committed to capture the future "space markets", it is not surprising that several countries are deploying the best technologies to gain a "place among the stars".

Elon Musk wants to create a colony on the red planet to make humanity a "multi-planetary species" and the United Arab Emirates do not hide the ambition to build a "Martian city"... perhaps the interplanetary traffic of these days is the first sign of how the colonization of Mars is becoming a real social and political project.
Returning to the news, on July 19 departed from the Tanegashima Space Center, in Japan, the probe Hope (in Arabic, Al Amal): the first Martian mission of the United Arab Emirates. On July 23, the Chinese mission Tianwen-1 was launched, and on July 31 the Mars 2020 Mission, USA, lifted off from Cape Canaveral.
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