Top 10 3D-Printed Gifts No One Asked For

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Stores are shut and the mail is clogged, but you can still print breathtaking DIY gifts. If you have a Prusa, an Ender 3, or any modern 3D printer, consider this your ultimate Christmas gift guide.

I hand-picked these prints specifically for gifting. You don't need anything except filament and common household objects, you can make any of them in a day, and none of them are difficult to print or build. Most importantly, all ten are dramatic, exciting, functional prints that your giftee will love.

00:45 #10: Collapsing Katana (Print in Place) -
01:32 #9: Corona Virus -
02:38 #8: LiftPod -
03:35 #7: PBC Dream Blaster -
04:45 #6: THE PUZZLE OF EVIL! ???? - :4039896
06:12 #5: Gift Kit Cards. See list below!
07:06 #4: Cute Dumpster -
07:46 #3: Lithophanes - or
08:34 #2: 3D Maze Puzzle Box -
09:48 #1: The Cyclone - :1340784

The Big Ol' List-o-Kit Cards:
???? Christmas Reindeer - :1945168
???? X-Wing - :4041225
???? Wind-Up Car - :3308710
???? Razor Crest from The Mandalorian - :4648183
???? DaVinci Catapult - :4067668
???? MQ-9 Reaper - :4661308
???? BONUS! Serenity Kit Card - :4623283

Rainbow PETG and silver silk PLA were supplied by Tresbro & AnKun. This video is not sponsored by, endorsed by, or approved by Tresbro or AnKun.

The Prusa i3 Mk3S+ was supplied by Prusa Inc. This video is not sponsored by, endorsed by, or approved by Prusa.

Soundtrack (All licensed CC-BY or public domain):
"Calling Sister Midnight" by Mana Junkie
"Balkan Express" by Gramatik
"Dungeon Sound" by Gramatik
"Walkin' Down the Street" by Gramatik
"Funk it Down" by Gramatik
"Orchestrated Incident" by Gramatik

All sound effects:
"Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley, copyright RCA. Minimal amount of seconds was transformed into educational content.
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