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A new Major game update was added into Black Ops Cold War Zombies today that Treyarch hopes will fix several issues that the community has raised over the past week.

1. In a new patch Treyarch has apparently fixed the major issues with XP progression that has been occurring in the Zombies mode over the past week. Along with these fixes they have claimed to increase the base rate of progression in the Zombies mode meaning you should be able to level up faster now.
As compensation for the down time in which Zombies was affected Treyarch are planning on holding more Double XP events this month.

2. A new Zombies World Record was achieved for the highest damage possible in game with over Million!
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3. Details about new Easter Eggs coming to Cold War Zombies as part of Season 1 have been found which ties into a potential unsolved Easter Egg on the map already. These new Easter Eggs also tie into the distant monster boss Zombies that is likely to make its return in a future DLC Zombies map!
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4. The highest Zombies Round ever achieved was completed today with a player able to reach over Round twenty five thousand in Cal of Duty Black Ops Zombies Mobile.
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5. This player’s Chopper decided to get out while the getting out was good.
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0:00 Treyarch Broke Their Silence
0:45 Treyarch Message To Us
2:05 New Zombies Changes
3:07 What Actually Was Changed
4:50 New Damage World Record
6:00 New Easter Eggs In Season 1
7:10 Radio Transmissions Found
8:00 Highest Zombies Round Ever Achieved
9:00 Chopper Gunner Goes Bye Bye
9:40 Best Hauer Setup

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