Tulane-Newcomb Choir Fall 2020 virtual concert

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Welcome to our “Hopes and Dreams!”

Tulane-Newcomb Choir
on-line and “on-purpose” Fall 2020

We took our semester online; it’s the best we can do right now. The small groups you see are “pick-up groups,” meaning these ensembles are not normally a part of our semester. They were created so that each singer would not have to carry eight pieces.

Virtual offerings are difficult for the singers! They have to record themselves in complete isolation. It’s a lot more difficult than it seems!

Our focus this semester has been racial justice, and the repertoire in some way reflects that.

If there are favorites in this short, 26-minute concert, please see links below and like them individually. I would like for each piece or set to have a life of its own!

We hope you find meaning and hope in our little virtual concert!

C. Leonard Raybon

“True Colors”

“The Colors of My Life”

“When You Wish upon a Star”

“A Hughes Trilogy”
“To Sit and Dream”
“Dream Keeper”
“I Dream a World”

“Build a Song”
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