Why Fast & Furious 9 Is Set in SPACE

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The Fast & Furious franchise has taken more than a few wild turns on the way from a small action hit to the mega-franchise that it is today. What started as a simple street-racing film has since evolved into a high-stakes international heist franchise, a James Bond style spy franchise and most recently a franchise that features Marvel style super-humans. Is that as crazy as Fast can go? Of course not! No, the next place for the franchise to go is into outer space!

That’s right, it would seem that all of the internet rumors and jokes that you’ve heard over the years are true. Several actors from the recently delayed Fast & Furious 9 have seemingly confirmed that the franchise is headed into the stratosphere in the next entry. While that may likely just be one action set piece, it could also point to a new direction for the franchise as a whole.

If this franchise dips a toe into space then you know that it will follow that up by diving in with both feet. That’s why we at CBR think that it’s likely that Fast 10 will be a space epic that will blow the doors off your expectations for what a Fast movie can be. We’re pretty sure we’ve figured out the exact way that the movie will justify making our heroes astronauts in the future of the franchise.

So let’s not waste another second! Here’s why Fast is headed into space!

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Written by: Jordan Phillips
Narrated by: Justin Freitas
Edited by: Pedro F

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