You're Not Relevant Anymore: what happens when youtubers pass their peak? | Internet Analysis

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Internet Analysis: what happens when youtubers pass their peak? what happens when you're not relevant anymore?? // MY PATREON!
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0:00 - intro
0:35 - the psychological impact of fame (and losing it)
2:15 - I now have a Patreon!
3:30 - how does being famous affect people?
4:37 - relevance is relative and subjective
5:31 - the "Creator Studio" promotes unsustainable growth
6:49 - your channel is DYING
8:25 - Sarah Hawkinson on "expiring" on youtube
9:36 - embarrassment, shame, & denial
11:15 - the financial impact of losing relevance
14:30 - GloZell on going broke after youtube fame
15:58 - when youtube slows, do you stay or move on?
17:34 - stay on youtube as long as you can (Grav3yardGirl)
19:35 - revive dead channel, make a comeback (WheezyWaiter)
22:36 - change your platform / focus
23:31 - leave youtube and get a "regular" job??
24:42 - Jonah Green on being an ex-full-time youtuber
26:40 - some ex-youtubers work in related fields (digital media, influencer marketing)
27:10 - go (back) to college
27:40 - in losing relevance is not the end of the world
29:35 - some charlieissocoollike ex-youtuber wisdom

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